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Last chance on Wed 18 July to send a message to Premier Newman and the other state and federal leaders at COAG telling them to LOCK in the NDIS, if you want your message recorded for posterity in a booklet to be presented to COAG in Canberra on 25 July (the online Message to COAG will run until Tuesday 24/7/12).

We need many more messages like this one:

“To our Queensland Government leaders who say Queensland can’t afford it, PLEASE understand Queensland can’t afford NOT to be part of it. Every Queenslander Counts Too.”

It’s critical that the Queensland government receives a flood of messages from people with disability, families and carers and support organisations, urging the government to support and contribute to the NDIS.  If the Queensland government does not see many messages, they will conclude the NDIS is not a priority issue in our state to us and the public.

Sending a message to Premier Newman and COAG is easy.

Please ask all your friends, colleagues and staff to take 30 seconds to play their part in securing the NDIS: